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Suppose Hiring A Drone Pilot Means Exponentially Less Stress In Your Film?

Hiring a drone pilot is easier than hiring a large crew or renting expensive equipment.
  • Hiring a drone pilot means no need to rent or buy a dolly or crane! You save money and time by hiring a drone pilot. I literally take reveal shots to a whole new level.

  • No need to rent a large equipment. It's just the drone pilot and you, so you can shoot in tight spaces where a crane or dolly might be too bulky.

  • No need to worry about getting a permit to film in certain places, because drones are often exempt from those rules! The FAA rules have changed a lot for experienced pilots. This is great for on-location shoots because it means less hassle and more work getting done!

  • No need to worry about additional drone insurance - I have my own liability insurance in addition to the FAA Part 107 license I keep on my lanyard.

I specialize in cinematic drone shots.
  • While I strive to use only the latest drone technology... more importantly, I know how to capture the standard cinematic shots you'll want to tie your film's story together.

  • I have many years of experience in capturing stunning aerial footage.

  • I have worked with a range of clients to help them share their vision with the world through breathtaking footage.

You’re probably wondering how you can get incredible cinematic shots without hiring a professional drone pilot… but that is entirely up to you!

My B-roll footage can be edited together with your scenes and interviews.

You might be asking yourself, “Why do I want B-roll from a drone?”

The answer is simple. Drone footage adds visual interest to your video and transitions from scene to scene seamlessly. The smooth and creative transition of drone footage between scenes creates a more dynamic viewing experience, which will keep your audience engaged.

Narrating over a single shot of your subject can get boring fast; B-roll adds variety and diversity in visuals that keeps the viewer interested longer.

Cinematic drone footage can also add color and emotion to the story being told. It can help emphasize what's being said by bringing out a side to the story that you haven't yet highlighted using ground cameras. People often learn better visually; having beautiful shots of your subject, their surroundings, and relevant objects all help create an immersive environment for your media piece which will result in better learning retention for viewers.

I'm fun to work with, but I understand when work needs to get done.

When you hire me, you'll be working with a drone pilot who understands the importance of communication and collaboration. Not only is that key to creating a great video, it's also important for making the experience of producing a video pleasant for everyone involved... especially the client. I find that my ability to mold myself to clients' needs is one of my greatest strengths; in fact, many clients have said that I'm fun to work with, but I understand when work needs to get done.

As an artist and entrepreneur, I know how hard it can be to strike the right balance between flexibility and staying true to your vision during the creative process. That's why I'm always open to changes in direction or style if they are mutually agreed upon by everyone on set... but even so, if there isn't consensus on any given issue, I'm not afraid to stand up for my ideas. After all, there isn't much point in hiring someone with expertise if you don't respect their opinion!

I take pride in my finished products and strive to deliver videos that exceed expectations while remaining within budget and on deadline whenever possible. If something comes up and we need more time or resources than originally anticipated (e.g., due to weather), we can re-evaluate our options together from there... but whatever happens, you will always know exactly where we stand so you won't have any unpleasant surprises at the end of filming.

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